Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kickin' it with Chase Jarvis

Friday night I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do a photoshoot with world famous photographer Chase Jarvis at the old Sandpoint Naval Base. He noticed that there is a growing number of amatuer and semi-pro photographers in the area, and decided to devote some effort to cultivating the talent and passion for photography that many shooters possess. After meeting with a group of local photogs, Chase found out that 2 items were desperately needed: A place to shoot (which he delivered in the form of a bigass hangar at Magnussen Park), and subjects to shoot (he provided models, breakdance crew, rollerderby girls, pro-BMX'ers, and tons of equipment to shoot them with).

Here's my contributions to the evening:
Beth, beautiful rollergirl extraordinare:


The pro-BMX guys:

Tailgate, Wall, same thing.

Sam, part time model, full time cool guy.

Proof that I was in the same room as Chase:
The Man. The Myth. The Jarvis.

It was an amazing night. I learned a ton about photography, met some pretty rad new people, and got some killer shots. Plus, Chase bought PBR afterwards. Win-Win, right? Yeah, totally.

(As always, keep checking my flickr page for more shots as I continue to edit and upload.)

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